tourist activities

be active during your stay


  • Discover the beauty of the commune on foot, enjoy the amazing landscapes formed by the fortress and the surroundings;
  • Visit “Pivnita Bunicii” to taste and buy traditional jams and cordials;
  • Fish for carp in the local lakes;
  • During the winter you can watch plum brandy-making in a traditional still and you can also taste it!
  • Relax with a good book and a glass of wine;
  • Watch traditional home bread-making;
  • Watch barrel-making, blacksmithing, charcoal burning and weaving;
  • Meet the bees: you will wear a bee suit and discover how honey is produced;
  • Horse-and-cart trips to see the sheep being milked and the cheese being made;
  • Visit the wine cellar and the museum near Biertan and taste the wine varieties;
  • Take a ride on the narrow-gauge railway line from Sibiu to Agnita;
  • Visit Maria Nistor in Mălâncrav to see how carpets, rugs and tablecloths are woven;
  • Take part in the Slow Food dinners on the third Saturday of every month, organised by various households in the area;

For all these activities you need to make bookings in advance.


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